Tik-Kuyu — siege well Chufut-Kale
Tick-Kuyu or, more simply, well the siege of Calais — an ancient system of underground hydraulic structures. A sensational discovery was made in 1998-2001. The history of discovery Since the…

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The construction of engineering structures in ancient Rome.
To this period belongs the construction of several large engineering structures and among them is a large port at Ostia. At 102, to control Dacia Trajan built a great stone…

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10 interesting abandoned lighthouses

The first lighthouses were built in the days when humanity was just beginning to make tentative steps towards the development of their native planet. For the convenience of navigators along the coasts navigation built high towers, on the tops of which are all-weather, day and night burning a fire alarm. According to it, the captains of the ships were able to understand how far away the shore, and thus save their ships from sinking on coastal rocks in conditions of inclement weather and sea storms.

One of the oldest and most famous lighthouses of Alexandria – awarded the title of “wonder of the world”. Erected in III century BC, it served as a guiding star Maritime ships, lighting up the night with bright flames, and the day – dense column of smoke. The technology of the first lighthouses was based on the use of various fuels – coal, rapeseed oil, kerosene. Subsequently flammable liquids were driven optical elements, the beacons were installed not only on land but also in water – the so-called sea or floating beacons.

Modern lighthouses don’t look like their ancient predecessors. In their work they use the achievements of modern technical thought – electricity, air and underwater acoustic effects, radio signals. The old, “campfire”, lighthouses, sovremennikami supplanted by technologies that over time are forgotten and, at best, turn into architectural historical monuments.

Abandoned lighthouses Photos.

The rubjerg knude lighthouse was first lit their signal fires on December 27, 1900. Built on the side of the North sea, he towered over the last 60 metres when the height of 23 meters. Over decades, the sea level inevitably increased, getting closer and closer to the lighthouse. The sand also did their dirty work, destroying Rubjerg Knud and the adjoining buildings. Attempts to consolidate the soil around the lighthouse failed. The last time Rubjerg Knud light ships on 1 August 1968. Until 2002, the lighthouse was used as a tourist site, but in the beginning of the XXI century, nature finally claimed ownership of the place, covering everything with a thick layer of sand.

Cape air facilitates the passage of the English courts, since 1776-the year. In 1840, the year his work was suspended, after which the building went through several recovery attempts, the last being in 1994 year turned the lighthouse in a graceful white tower with a red head-domes. Local legend has it that around the abandoned buildings of a Ghost of someone who has died from love. The owner of lighthouse to maintain a cultural tradition, has ordered local artist Angela Smith was a seven-foot sculpture of a Guardian. Made of stainless steel a legend come to life equipped with numerous holes. Passing through them, the wind plays on the body of the Keeper of the mysterious melody.

3. The lighthouse on Tillamook rock (Tillamook Rock light), USA

Oregon lighthouse on Tillamook rock was built in 1881, the year. Its necessity was due to the constant shipwrecks in the area, the last of which occurred a few days before the opening of the structure. The lighthouse was built on a desert, naked rock, towering menacingly in the middle of the Pacific waves. Difficult terrain and poor weather conditions made the lighthouse on Tillamook rock is the most expensive ever built on the U.S. West coast. Over time, under the influence of storm waves, the lighthouse and the rocks under him began to collapse, and that was the basis of its decommissioning in 1957.

4. Italian lighthouse in Mogadishu (Italian lighthouse in Mogadishu), Somalia

Severely damaged the Italian lighthouse in Mogadishu was built over a century ago. Located on the edge of the Old Harbour, it was abandoned about twenty years ago after the unstable politically, the government of Somalia for a long time plunged in barbaric state of Maritime piracy. Today this place serves as a reminder of the former greatness of Mogadishu, but takes in their destroyed rooms, only fishermen homeless and drug addicts. At the lighthouse there is an upper part of the tower. Its spiral staircase and look to fall. The room, which float through clouds of hashish, the smell of salt water, rot and urine.

5. Island lighthouse Isaac Kay (Great Isaac Cay lighthouse), Bahamas

Built in 1859, the year the lighthouse of the island, Isaac Kay, reached a height of 46 meters. Of all old beacons, it is one of the most mysterious. The island lighthouse of Isaac Kay associated with many legends. One of them, here some time ago, happened a terrible shipwreck. During the tragedy killed all aboard people. Survived only an infant, whose dead but still inconsolable grief of the mother, every full moon now comes ashore and calls for his lost child. Another legend, more new. It is associated with the date August 4, 1969, when the beacon disappeared without a trace two of caretaker. Their bodies were never found. Currently the lighthouse is closed to tourists; you can enjoy only on the island itself.

Little lighthouse located on a small strip of land of the island Small Curacao, was built in 1850, the year. Towering above the ground to a height of 20 meters the tower of the lighthouse is still functioning, despite the fact that the adjacent home the Rangers have long been destroyed. The lighthouse itself has undergone restoration twice, in 1879 and 1913. Since 2008, the year flag tower of the island Small Curacao powered by solar energy. Littered with rusty ships coast once again confirms the necessity of a lighthouse in these places.

7. The lighthouse of Capo Di Otranto (Capo d’otranto lighthouse), Italy

The lighthouse of Capo Di Otranto was born in 1867 at East of Italy, in the town, where they meet the Ionian and Adriatic sea. Its work on the lighthouse stopped in the 1970-ies. It was subsequently restored and opened to tourists since 2008, as a Museum, telling about the Mediterranean ecosystem. The lighthouse is a tall stone building rising 32 meters above the ground. The tower of the lighthouse emerges from a two-story house for the caretaker. The whole structure has a dazzling white appearance.

8. Lighthouse Bay (Aniva ‘nuclear’ lighthouse), Russia

The Sakhalin lighthouse Bay is located on the homonymous promontory, sea-lion cap on the mountain. Established in 1939, the year impassable for ships in the area, full of many currents, periodic fogs underwater and banks of stone, it rises above the ground on 31 meters and the height of the light is 40 feet above sea level. The lighthouse tower has 9 floors. Previously, they were technical and living rooms for 12 people. Currently the lighthouse is not functioning. Moreover, he looted the looters and not supported by the state.

9. Lighthouse “Ship John shoal” (Ship John Shoal light), USA

A lighthouse with a picturesque name “Ship John shoal” was built in 27 years, from the time of the decision by the American Congress in 1850, the year. Iron tower floating structure was put into circulation in 1877, the year. The architectural structure was erected in the shallows, which gave its name to the lighthouse. Originally the basis of “Ship John shoal” was attached to the subsea bottom with screws. Subsequently, this design was considered feasible, and the lighthouse fixed on a metal concrete pipe. “Ship John shoal” worked smoothly up until 1973-the year. In June 2011 the lighthouse was put up for sale.

10. Grand Harbour Light (Fish Fluke Light), Canada

The lighthouse with the telling title “the Great light of the harbour” was built on the canadian Ross island in 1879, the year. The building was a square wooden tower with attached dwelling of a caretaker. A beacon of light in fine weather is visible 11 miles in the County. “Great light of the Harbor” was closed in 1963 year, when the neighborhood was built another, more modern lighthouse. In 1976 the building was broken by a storm, after which it never recovered. Locals and fans of the lighthouse periodically call out to the public with the requirement to transmit a beacon for a more responsible owner who can appreciate its former grandeur.

The construction of engineering structures in ancient Rome.
To this period belongs the construction of several large engineering structures and among them is a large port at Ostia. At 102, to control Dacia Trajan built a great stone…

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The stone architecture of Lithuania of XIII – XVIII centuries
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