Mysteries of Easter island
Oblong stones set vertically. From here 2935 pieces. They stretched in 12 rows with a length of four kilometers. Some of them remained undeciphered until now inscriptions. These megaliths by…

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Theatre Of Greece
Theatre of Greece was closely associated with the life of the policy, being in fact the second national Assembly, where they discussed the most pressing issues. Greek theatre originally arose…

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Ancient technology: the secrets

Much of what we believe the product of modern science, was known to mankind even in ancient times, but subsequently, for whatever reasons, forgotten. Moreover, as the science of the different human cultures developed very different way than ours, in the surviving monuments can be hidden knowledge, not yet known to us.

Today we know that the pharaohs were put in pyramids science, origin and methods which we do not know. We find there the number “PI”, the exact calculation of the duration of the solar year, the radius and the weight of Earth, distance from the earth to the Sun, astronomical law of the precession of the equinoxes, the magnitude of the degree of longitude, the actual direction to the North and probably many other, not yet deciphered data.

The debate is about tenths, however, the building of pyramids shows the technique that remain completely incomprehensible to us. This is an artificial mountain weighs 6.5 million tons. Blocks up to 12 tons weight of each fitting to each other with polumillimetrovy accuracy. Most often there the most flat idea: Pharaoh had an enormous number of slaves. It remains to explain the manner in which was solved the problem of placement of these huge crowds? And what are the reasons of such a mad enterprise? How the blocks extracted from the quarries? Klassicheskaya permits as a technique of using only the wet wooden wedges which are driven into the cracks of the rock. The builders had only stone hammers and saws made of soft copper. And which further thickens the mystery: how were hewn, raised and fitted stones weighing in at 12 tons? In the nineteenth century we had the greatest work to transport two obelisks which the pharaohs were forced to carry by the dozens. How the Egyptians lit the inside of the pyramids? Up to 1890 there were only lamps that smoked and arches covered with soot. However, on the vaults of the passages in the pyramids was not the slightest trace of soot. Well, they caught the sunlight and directed him inside with the help of optical system? No lens detected.

Typically the huge scale of the construction the Egyptian modern scholars tend to attribute to religious obsession of the builders or the tyranny of the pharaohs, who, they say, could afford to destroy the whole country in order to leave a memory of himself in the centuries. Explanation an unknown religion — the usual method. It is much easier to assume all kinds of crazy ideas, than to allow the possibility of having another level of knowledge and technology. Meanwhile, when recently in Japan wanted to build a copy of the pyramid of Cheops, it appears that modern Japanese does not allow construction equipment to grind the stones with such precision, as did ancient Egyptians.

It is possible that many other items, we believe that in our time the cult, are actually samples of the technology of ancient civilizations. So, you had a completely random visit to the Baghdad Museum German engineer Wilhelm Koenig, to find that flat rocks found in Iraq and designated as “objects of worship”, were actually electric battery worked two thousand years before Galvani.

Modern researchers point to the striking ancient civilizations on the American continent. Cortes was amazed to find that the Aztecs the same level of civilization as that of the Spaniards. But today we know that they lived on the remains of the higher culture of the Toltecs. The Toltecs had built a giant monument of America. Sun pyramids of Teotihuacan and Cholula twice the pyramid of Cheops. But the Toltecs were themselves the descendants of the more advanced Mayan civilization, traces of which were discovered in the jungles of Honduras, Guatemala, Yucatan. Buried in the chaos of the jungle civilization is much older than Greek and is as much her superior. When she died and how? Anyway, they died twice, because the missionaries here, and hastened to destroy the manuscripts, to smash the statues, destroy the altars.

In many areas of science Maya surpassed the science of the Greeks and Romans. Deep knowledge in mathematics and astronomy enabled them to bring to perfection the science of chronology and the calendar. They built observatories with domes, oriented better than the Paris Observatory of the seventeenth century. The exact duration of the solar year was established by them in 365,2420 days, and we after long calculations came to almost the exact number in 365,2422 days. Perhaps the Egyptians had reached the same degree of approximation, but in order to prevent this, you need to believe in the contested conformity of the pyramids, whereas the Mayan calendars in our hands.

The high plateau of Bolivia and Peru resemble another planet. The air pressure is half what it is at sea level, and yet people live there. Their settlements up to a height of 3500 m. they Have two liters more blood than we have, instead of five million blood cells — eight, their heart beats slower. The radiocarbon method shows that people lived here 9,000 years ago. The latter data allow us to push that date at least 21,000 years. It is not excluded that people who knew how to work metals, who owned observatories and science, could build 30,000 years ago a giant city.

During the frequent earthquakes in the Andes of constructions of ancient cities never suffered, while many of the buildings erected at a later time by modern construction technologies, were destroyed. It turned out that each block of these ancient structures are conjugated with adjacent like the pieces of jigsaw puzzle, forming a permanent connection. As it was built remains a mystery.

Peruvian Explorer and philosopher Daniel Brown went in 1952 to study Marcahuasi desert plateau at an altitude of 3,800 m in the Andes. It’s a lifeless plateau, accessible only on horseback. Rus found animals and human faces carved on a rock visible only during the summer solstice in the game of chiaroscuro. He found the statues of the animals of the secondary period, such as stegosaurus; as well as lions, turtles and camels, it is not known in South America. One hewn hill portrays the old man’s head. To determine the age of the image by the method of C-14 is impossible: any organic residues. Geological signs are lost in the mists of history.

Some irrigation work performed by Principi, we now could implement only with great difficulty, and then applying a powerful electric turbodrills. And why people who didn’t know the wheels, they built huge cobblestone roads? American archaeologist Hayat the sister of my grandmother has devoted thirty years to the study of extinct civilizations of Central and South America. According to him, the construction works were carried ancient guns not to otesyvanija stones, and radioactive composition, raseduse granite, — a kind of engraving in the large scale of the pyramids.

Easter island 3000 miles from the coast of Chile — the same size as Jersey. When the first European Navigator, a Dutchman, landed him in 1722 he thought that the island is inhabited by giants. On this piece of land of volcanic Polynesian 593 towering giant statue. Some of them exceed the height of 20 m and weigh 50 tons. When they were built? How? As a result of studying these mysterious monuments believe that there can be distinguished three level of civilization, of which the most perfect was the oldest. As in Egypt, huge blocks of tufa, basalt, lava-fitting together with astonishing art. But the rugged topography of the island, and a few stunted trees could not serve as material for the rollers. How were the stones transported? And is it possible to speak here about the enormous number of laborers? In the nineteenth century the population of Easter island consisted of 200 people – three times less than statues. On this island with a barren soil where has never been pack animals, hardly ever could live more than three or four thousand people. And what in this case.

Just as in Africa and South America, the first missionaries who landed on Easter island, made sure to remove all traces of a dead civilization. At the foot of the statues were ancient wooden tablets covered with hieroglyphics — burnt, and a small part was sent to the Vatican library where it is stored many secrets. Did they destroy the remnants of ancient superstitions or erase evidence of the other knowledge?

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