Gothic churches
In the Middle ages was in Europe the city without a Catholic Cathedral. The Latin term civitas, which means city, settlement, in those days, meant the seat of the Bishop.…

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A study of megalithic structures
Of great importance in the study of the history of our ancestors is a study of megalithic structures. A huge range of location: from the southern end and Oceanites Dolmens…

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The Churches Of Lithuania

The land of our country is dotted with temples: red and white tower emerges from the variegated panoramas of small villages and large cities, attract the attention of travelers, delight the hearts of its inhabitants. On Sunday morning the service of the churches of their parishes with many people. Travelers, tourists, art lovers, the temples attracted mostly not by the service, and grandiose, majestic, reminiscent of historical times architecture.

The magnificent buildings reflect the history and changing eras

Lithuanian churches is a living book of history of Lithuania. The history of their construction, architecture, stored them in works of art reminiscent of old times reflect the change of the ages, tell the story of people who lived in the province. Temples are often built and used as defensive fortifications. Many of them suffered great damage, and were looted during the various wars.

The first churches in Lithuania was made before the introduction of Christianity – they were built alien merchants and artisans. After the baptism of Lithuania in 1387, the number was growing steadily. In the middle of the XX century in Lithuania there were 885 Catholic churches and chapels.

The abundance and diversity of churches

In Lithuania are a lot of various temples. The most frequently mentioned and visited by the largest and most grandiose temples of Lithuania, located in centraloregon. But no less impression and small temples, situated in the Department from the big cities. In Lithuania many temples built in the tradition of modern architecture, which even reminds of the true sacred purpose of these buildings.

The most famous temples of Lithuania

As expected, the first Church of Lithuania is built in the XIII century by the Grand Duke Mindaugas Vilnius Department. which has repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt throughout its long history. The oldest surviving stone churches – St. Nicholas, built in the XIV–XV century in Vilnius. It features striking Gothic and Romanesque style.

The Church of St. Anne is capturing the spirit of the masterpiece of late Gothic architecture.

Keeps the miraculous image of the Blessed. The virgin Mary, the Chapel of Mercy in Vilnius gate is characterized by features of the late Renaissance, and is one of the most visited by the pilgrims of the Holy places in Lithuania.

Big impression produces a magnificent work of Baroque architecture – the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Vilnius.

The oldest wooden Church of Lithuania is in palūšė (Ignalina district). This is an example of wooden folk Baroque, characterized by simple forms and harmonious proportions.

The temple is part of the defensive complex in Trakai

The churches in Lithuania was built not only as a house of worship, but as defensive structures. For example, the Gothic Church of the visitation of the Blessed. The virgin Mary was part of a defensive complex in Trakai. Built on a hill the temple guarded the approaches to located in the Peninsula of the castle, he was the spiritual center of the city, comparable in size and importance, the Palace of Trakai island castle. The temple is unique not only by its scale but also for its history – it was never closed. Today, Trakai the Church is a unique religious and historical monument of Lithuanian culture, retaining the multi-layered six centuries of Church and art history.

The center of attraction for pilgrims – Siluva

The town Siluva in Rasinsko area is one of the most significant centres for pilgrims to Lithuania. Preserved here stretching back almost 500 years the tradition of celebrating our patronal feast in honor of the Blessed. Of The Virgin Mary. The city is visited by numerous pilgrims, who value and cherish the words of encouragement John Paul II. Walking path, pilgrims breathe the fresh air of a pine forest, admiring the beautiful hills, the panorama of the city, was quietly praying.

Saint Denis
The Abbey of Saint Denis – the first flower of the Gothic, created by the great Sugerem amazes even today, despite the fact that during the great French revolution and…

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The Churches Of Lithuania
The land of our country is dotted with temples: red and white tower emerges from the variegated panoramas of small villages and large cities, attract the attention of travelers, delight…