Mysteries of Easter island
Oblong stones set vertically. From here 2935 pieces. They stretched in 12 rows with a length of four kilometers. Some of them remained undeciphered until now inscriptions. These megaliths by…

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The construction of engineering structures in ancient Rome.
To this period belongs the construction of several large engineering structures and among them is a large port at Ostia. At 102, to control Dacia Trajan built a great stone…

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Street Christmas decor

A mandatory attribute of the Christmas and new year celebrations — a street sculpture and light installations, and “snow-free” countries here have to work twice as hard, as simple combination of the “snow pit” and the gallery of lights, as well as blue spruces itself is working on a fabulous winter atmosphere. But how to improvise the anticipation of Christmas miracle and cheer up the inhabitants of Singapore, Acapulco or Rio de Janeiro, where the swimming season is in full swing? However, climatic metamorphoses this year did not pass the warm hospitality and the South of Europe and even new York, where on the eve of the holiday was 21 degrees Celsius!

Christmas installation of the casino in Monte Carlo

Millions of lights

The first appointment is a tremendous figure the installation out of thousands of millions of lights. This year, the Central street of Singapore Orchard Road shone luxurious Drapes of white and blue LED beads that covered the facades of the buildings and shopping malls, interactive and the main decoration was a giant fir tree in the shape of a cone, which can be admired both outside and inside.

In Rio de Janeiro glowing fir-tree established on the water, decorated with figures of exotic marine animals and balloons in the shape of tropical fruits, carnival traditions are being “highlighted” colorful splashes of fireworks.

“Freeboard” the Christmas installation have been made in Stockholm.

In Columbia gortamullen along the boardwalk, Central Park stretches an impressive imagination kilometre garland of colored neon cords, lamps and figural Christmas pendants. And in the Malaysian city of Shah Alam (Shah Alam) all the trees of the Park dressed in a fantastic bright festive decoration.

In the port of nice, on the initiative of the city hall was erected shawl pavilion in the form of a hanging Christmas ball Paris Champs Elysees decorated spherical “cosmogonic” design, and the Central streets of Vienna, the Graben was decorated with luxurious string of hanging chandeliers.

Facade video mapping

The second popular are the video projection displayed on the facades of cathedrals and architectural monuments. This year so were decorated facades of the Cathedral of St. Mary in Sydney, the Church Notre-Dame-de-Roche in the French city of Biarritz, the Town Hall in Melbourne, the stock exchange in new York, Public Hall on the island of Nakanoshima in Osaka, etc.

In Vienna the walls and towers of St. Stephen’s Cathedral on Stephansplatz were highlighted monotone neon-white light, which every night “turns” a monumental Gothic structure into a fabulous ice castle.

With its dynamic colour lighting projector and a giant cubist design of the Central square of Brussels got the original Christmas tree of the year!

With all of this in a modern big cities and their suburbs remain the place for the finest traditional to the most extravagant solutions. So at the Vatican in St. Peter’s square has a beautiful theatrical Nativity scene with real actors, in Beijing, next to the largest shopping centre Christmas frame installed “Trojan horse”, “trimmed” green lawns, and on the “Golden beach” of the Indian city of Puri the audience meets a sand sculpture of Sudarsan of Patnaik (Sudarsan Pattnaik), reminding everyone of the two most important historical characters of the Christmas festivities.

Ancient underground structures
To capture the water from springs held meter cameras, and shallow groundwater is captured by a horizontal water intakes, wells and wells. Meter camera (rectangular or round in plan) arranged…

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The largest underground city in the world.
Area with a landscape similar to the moon, where is found the largest underground city in Turkey is located in the valley of Goreme in Cappadocia. Cappadocia is known for…