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The Megaliths Of Malta

In Malta remained among the most ancient on Earth megalithic structures. Scientists call them temples, on the grounds that here there was an elaborate ceremonial culture of burial. At the same time, we know that it was a society highly developed technically, created your calendar and possessed extensive knowledge of astronomy.

The megaliths of Malta and Gozo

Maltese megaliths are not only the most ancient discovered so far. They are notable for the fact that, as a rule, are not in isolation, but form huge complexes.

The oldest of the Maltese megaliths Ggantija is located to the North-East of the island of Gozo. It was built around 3400-3000 BC and discovered in 1826. The word of Gigante means “giant” or “giant” and very suitable to the megalith. It consists of two separate temple with different inputs but common rear wall. Some temples have a concave facade, in front of which is arranged in a platform of large stone blocks. The oldest temple complex consists of three semi-circular rooms arranged in the shape of a Shamrock. Scientists believe that this Trinity symbolizes the past, present and future, or birth, life and death.

Marek Hagar dates back to around 3300 BC, This name translates as “standing stones”, because before the excavation above the ground winelectric the tops of huge boulders. The height of some of them more than five meters. This complex is located on the island of Malta, to the South-East of La Valletta. Impressive skill of ancient architects, perfectly fit to each other the horizontal and vertical stones. Geometric and mathematical calculations used by the builders, amazingly accurate. The temples reflect the Sun’s movement from sunrise to sunset, and during the equinox the sun’s rays fall directly on the main altar.

No less amazing and other temples: the Hypogeum Gal Saflieni — tiered underground sanctuary, drifting to the ground on 12 meters, and Tarksien is the largest temple complex of Malta, consisting of four buildings.

What they built?

According to one version, these megalithic complexes were used as temples and places of burial. Some of them actually conducted religious ceremonies, and later to bury the dead. But whether they were intended originally? After all, ancient buildings often change their function and, according to some researchers, that’s exactly what happened megalithic complexes of Malta.

Friend version, megaliths were used for carrying out astronomical observations of the moon and the Sun. But whether it was the ancient farmers? To start planting or harvesting much more useful to observe the soil and weather.

The next version, completely deny Orthodox scholars much, however, explains. Perhaps the megaliths are complex technical devices — generators of acoustic or electromagnetic oscillations. Noticed that most of the megaliths were constructed from rocks of a particular composition containing a substantial amount of quartz: Sandstone, granite; limestone in it a little, but still it exists. While quartz is capable under compression to generate an electric current to create a piezoelectric effect, and to maintain the constancy of the vibrations, to stabilize the frequency. Furthermore, mechanical deformations of the quartz is able to generate radio waves. Noticed that under the basis of many of the menhirs, by the way, oriented with the narrow end down, lay the heel of quartz stones.

Giant emitters?

First ultrasonic radiation of megalith measured quite by accident. British zoologists explore the life of bats in the area of the menhir Rollright (on the border of the counties of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire) and found out that before sunrise the stone begins to emit ultrasonic waves that will knock bats out of the way. Radiation most intensely and protractedly at the time of the equinoxes, minimally during solstices. In addition, the marked cyclical bursts of radiation.

Even more interesting is the situation with ancient burial structures of stone dolmens. The geometric parameters of their empty internal chambers suggests that these structures can generate infrasound acoustic oscillations. And deformation of plates dolmens, leading to the appearance of the quartz crystal the electric field is due to the tidal effects of the moon and the Sun. A tidal wave formed by the attraction of the moon causes vertical movements not only the oceans but the earth’s crust. Is it because the megalithic builders were interested in the motion of the moon, what they needed to know the time of their “radiators”?

Maybe using the acoustic impact of the megalith builders could stop the enemy, to predict the onset of an earthquake or storm? Perhaps this explains the excitement that is going into an ancient temple, you feel some of our contemporaries?

Oh, those crazy rails!

Giant megalithic structures we have become accustomed. Yes, pyramids, Yes, Stonehenge is a burial grounds, sanctuaries — all clear. That is, nothing is clear, but you can pretend that’s understandable. But hundreds of mysterious furrows, which, like the rails that cross the island of Malta in the most different directions — this is not conformable phenomenon. Many of them are drawn in parallel, and then suddenly merge into one track that’s cool to roll smoothly or to walk away. Unusual “rails” cross the mountains may end up on a steep cliff, then straight down in the valley, continue your journey in the same direction. And on the coast they go straight to the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea and at great depth, stretching along the bottom for hundreds of meters. And appear at the neighbouring Malta the island of Gozo.

The width of a single “rails” varies from 15 to 25 centimetres, depth gauge — 10 to 70 centimeters, so the diameter of wheel that this road was rolling, should reach two meters. The distance between the furrows varies from 63 to 123 cm. How and who created thousands of years ago in the rocky soil of the island this network of furrows? And for what purpose?

Logic is not in the vehicle that could “go” off the rails, nor in how they were built. The largest Maltese archaeologist Professor at the local University Anthony Bonanno thinks that at least 90% of all cavities are close to ancient temples. What makes the conclusion that they needed for their construction. But how could the rails, which nothing can drive it, contribute to the construction of ancient structures?

By the way, the time of occurrence as the stone giants in the Andes mountains, and mysterious bands in Malta, approximately 6-7 thousand years ago.

Stone balls -do not roll

How and why were created with strange furrows, was put forward many hypotheses. According to one, it traces from the cart, in which were harnessed draft animals. However, experience has shown that trucks are unable to maneuver in the ruts, as the turning radius is very small. There are suggestions that even awkward to analyze, for example, that the furrow is the writings that are only visible from the air. Or is it the remains of the transport system, connecting Europe with Africa.

The most successful, at first glance, it seems the hypothesis associated with hundreds of balls of soft limestone that was found on the island. The authors suggested that these balls are served as the pillars of the platforms that transported multi-ton stone blocks for the construction of temples, which have survived in Malta 23 pieces. But the traces from the balls would have a rounded shape, and they are actually shaped. The severity of large boulders of limestone balls did not survive, and for small was it worth the fuss? Yes and it is impossible to deliver the goods on such a confusing ruts…

Clever, but unproven

There are two paradoxical hypotheses that cannot easily dispute, but confirm, as usual, nothing. First — what is “screwed up” the aliens. Went wrong with them there is something in the heavens, and went to whip the laser beam with the orbital station on a miserable Malta. And second — what happened-did the Atlanteans developed between the war, and now these same track-grooves — traces of the use of certain weapons.

Perhaps this could be called a cruel joke and care from the decision of a question. However, if we recall the conjecture of Davenport and Vincenti that Mohenjo-Daro suffered the fate of Hiroshima, and a number of ufologists thus argues that nuclear strikes had destroyed several cities of Sumer and Babylon (Sodom, Gomorrah, and others), then the assumption is it will not seem so wild. After all, war is accompanied mankind for centuries. The reasons for this are, unfortunately, always are, and then the question “why” is irrelevant…

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