Dolmens - ancient burial structures of South Korea
Dolmens are ancient burial structures, which are often found in Asia, Europe and North Africa. In Korea is the largest number of dolmens in the world. They are of great…

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Inside the Siberian crater
Remember the giant funnel, which in July 2014 was spotted from the air in Yamal? Today we finally can see what is there inside — thanks to the stunning images…

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The largest underground city in the world.

Area with a landscape similar to the moon, where is found the largest underground city in Turkey is located in the valley of Goreme in Cappadocia. Cappadocia is known for the presence of the underground cities of Derinkuyu is the largest of its kind. The age of this underground structure is compared with the age of the Egyptian pyramids. The Derinkuyu means “deep wells”, the name of the underground city has received from the small town, which is located above it.

Why are those strange wells, for a long time nobody was interested, until one of the locals in 1963 did not show a curiosity about the strange cracks in the basement, where there was fresh air. Thus was discovered an entire underground city, carved into the rock, consisting of twenty layers, the many rooms and galleries connected by passages that have a length in tens of kilometers. To date, archaeologists have been able to go into Derinkuyu is 85 meters and explore the first eight tiers.

The area of the first floor equals to four square kilometers. The underground city has 15 thousand inputs, it is mine 52. The ventilation system, supplying oxygen to the dungeons, still in working condition. For life in the dungeon access to water from underground rivers, in the lower tiers of the city made the water tanks. Separate entrances on each tier overlap granite doors, the weight of which sostavlyalo half a ton, and they are only opened from the inside.

In Derinkuyu (Derinkuyu) archaeologists have found artefacts of the Hittites, were competing for dominance in Western Asia with the Egyptians. Detection of the whole city of the Hittites was a truly sensational event, as the Hittite Kingdom, which was founded in the XVIII century BC disappeared in the XII century BC during the research it became clear that a huge underground city is part of a gigantic labyrinth beneath the Anatolian plateau.

Currently in Turkey found 36 underground cities, all connected with tunnels. Scientists have concluded that the construction of the underground continued for at least nine centuries. Life-support system under the earth was thought out to perfection. In the underground city has everything and in the cities on the surface: food stores, premises for animals, rooms for sleeping, eating, meeting, chapels, schools.

If the official builders of these underground cities recognized the Hittites, the reason why they built an underground Empire, remains a mystery. There are several hypotheses. So there is reasonable assumption that the builders of underground cities sought protection from enemies from the air. Some facts say that the existence of these structures was known to very few. Christians in the 2nd-3rd century ad used these underground cities as a refuge.

Traces of the Hittites, who lived under the earth, can be traced back to the middle Ages. Highly advanced underground civilization managed secretly to exist for almost two millennia, and after her disappearance over a thousand years ground the world had never known.

One of the most mysterious places in Italy
The most mysterious and enigmatic place on the territory of Italy is considered to be the Abbey called "Santa Maria di Lucedio", which for many years has managed to become…

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Mysteries of Easter island
Oblong stones set vertically. From here 2935 pieces. They stretched in 12 rows with a length of four kilometers. Some of them remained undeciphered until now inscriptions. These megaliths by…