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The Gothic churches of Cyprus

Only three hours flight and you find yourself on a small, divine beauty, the island of Aphrodite. If there is Paradise on earth – it is Cyprus. Golden sandy beaches, azure sea, majestic mountains, covered with forests, citrus orchards and banana plantations, olive groves and vineyards. In Cyprus there are remains of stone age settlements, Greek and Byzantine temples, Roman theatres and villas, Crusader castles and Venetian fortresses, Gothic cathedrals and Turkish mosques. All this creates a unique atmosphere of the island. Therefore, Cyprus is an unforgettable holiday destination for the whole family.

About Cyprus

In Cyprus there are remains of stone age settlements, Greek gymnasiums and temples, Roman villas and theaters, Byzantine churches and monasteries with priceless mosaics, Crusader castles and Venetian fortresses, Gothic cathedrals and Turkish mosques. All this determines the current unique character of the island that combines the beauty and tranquility of ancient culture and lively modernity. Therefore, Cyprus is an unforgettable vacation destination for people of various interests.

Cypriots are warm and friendly. What a touching and ocharovatelnaya care they offer the weary traveller a Cup of tea or juice – and completely free! Perhaps because they do this for thousands of years, it has become their special national feature. Russian turistami are treated with special love. Here you will feel as if among old good friends.

For businessmen and business people in Cyprus arrange business tours. Many companies from Russia and Ukraine prefer to meet in Cyprus, because exactly here you organize the summit and Paradise vacation and business negotiation.

Cyprus is just made for family holidays. Here for a pretty reasonable fee you can rent an apartment with an equipped kitchen, and the products here are very cheap! For the kids here just expanse — the Dolphinarium, the aquapark, the zoo! A holiday in Cyprus is a great option for young people. It is very fun, and the nightlife does not stop until dawn, bars, restaurants, discos. Perfect cleanliness of the sea attracts divers. You can enjoy surfing, water skiing, ride a scooter and even fly above the sea surface on a paraglider. Speedboat in just three hours takes you to the Turkish Riviera. And also you can enjoy a two-day cruise to Israel and Egypt and Lebanon.

In Cyprus, the atmosphere bezzabotnoe rest, there is no crime, the local people kindly, the food is exquisite, and magnificent nature. Cyprus is the place where you want to return again and again.

Welcome to Cyprus!

What resort is best?

Limassol-W ere located in the largest wineries, it is considered the largest tour center and the main sea gate of the country, is also the main business centre. Known for its bright festivals. The most spectacular carnival Apokreo, also not without attention of tourists remains the September wine Festival.

Larnaca – a luxury resort; it provides a Palm tree promenade. There are a lot of wonderful cafes and street restaurants, where a glass of sparkling wine left to enjoy the panorama. A great place to meet new people.

Paphos is a wonderful climate here on the island, attracts lovers of history and archaeology. A great choice of entertainment with bars, restaurants, discos where you can dance all night. The best sandy beaches and the Cypriot way of life will not leave you indifferent. The best resort for people of all ages.

The sights of Cyprus or What to see?

Huge selection of excursion destinations, you can visit the local museums and tombs of the kings, art galleries and beautiful wine-growing village.

Shopping and Souvenirs or What to bring from Cyprus?

Often as Souvenirs tourists choose wine, also they are attracted by furs and jewelry.

Culinary delights of Cyprus or What to try?

Cyprus is famous for its sweets and Cosima cheese “halloumi”

Cyprus hotels or Where to stay?

Cyprus provided a huge selection of hotels. The higher the hotel category, the more likely it was a private beach. Some of the resorts hotels are located on the first page.

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