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Types of megalithic structures
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Secrets Of The Great Pyramids

According to the great historian Herodotus, the Egyptian pyramids can rightly be regarded as the first wonder of the world. Herodotus in the V century studied the pyramids of Egypt, especially his attention was drawn to the pyramid of Cheops — the most conspicuous among the entire complex. It was not the treasure, was not the tombs of the pharaohs, even, there was found no symbols that indicate the purpose of this great structure. Centuries have passed, but the results are the pyramids only confirmed the words of the scientist of antiquity — the pyramids are still considered the most mysterious buildings on earth. The mystery of the pyramid complex of Giza is still not disclosed.

As you know, rule the proportions of the great pyramid correspond exactly to the Golden Section, which is the main constant in architecture, science and painting. Modern engineers are surprised that the ancient architects, without the availability of modern equipment, were able with such precision to lay the Foundation of the great pyramid, given the fact that the pyramid is built on a massive hill and not on flat ground. It follows from this that the Egyptians builders of the pyramids had a wide knowledge in the field of astronomy, and construction engineering.

Modern scientists suggest the existence of close links between the three main pyramids of Giza: their location, the angles of inclination of granai height were selected with a deep meaning. The researchers believe that, coupled with the figure of the Sphinx, the pyramids reflect the relationship between Mars, Venus, the Sun and the Earth. One of the interesting assumptions in the geometrical shape of the Cheops pyramid encodes information about the structure of the Universe, the Solar system and the destiny of mankind. So, the famous scientist Casey is confident that the pyramid of Cheops stored have not found the chronicle of a highly developed civilization of the Atlanteans.

Any mystery stirs the human imagination and attracted not only scientists, but also the adventurers of all stripes. Until now scientists can not answer the question of how acute the need was required the ancient creators of the pyramids to erect such massive structures.

Most people believe that pyramids were built as tombs of pharaohs. However, modern technology has allowed a different perspective on these buildings.

Very promising for research is the hypothesis of the experts that the pyramids are the most powerful generator of special energy, known priests and pharaohs of Egypt and used it for their own purposes. Today it is a known fact that every animate and inanimate object emits energy and the structure of the radiation it really depends on the shape, mass, volume of the radiator, as well as the location and time. The ancient builders seemed to know about the features of the radiation of the pyramids and, most likely, knew how to use it for different purposes. For example, the pyramids could be a means of creating a hub of energy, which, subsequently, was used for medicinal purposes, or as a creative force and even as destructive. But this is still the only version that should be studied. So far, only the following developments: the impact of the pyramid is very dependent on its geometric size — the larger the size, the more efficient it operates. French scientist Anthony Bowie found that any animal that accidentally fell into the pyramid, were killed and mummified. Creating a model of the pyramid of Cheops in his laboratory, he got the same effect of mummification, as in the great pyramid. The scientist did not stop there in their research. He proved that any organic materials are not deteriorated, from within the pyramid. The researcher came to the conclusion that the shape of the pyramid gives it a miraculous properties. A long time research Bowie didn’t spark much interest. Until some engineer Carl Drbal as a result of their experiments showed that using energy pyramids can sharpen razor blade, and the necessary condition is the orientation of the sides of the pyramid to the geomagnetic poles.

After this discovery fell one by one: inside the pyramid decreased, headache, dental pain, accelerated healing of wounds and ulcers. Instant coffee, designed some time in the pyramid, has acquired the taste of natural, inexpensive wine to improve its taste, the water acquired properties contributed to the recuperation of the body and healing. Meat, fruit, fish and vegetables, although dry out, but do not spoil, milk provides long lasting freshness, the cheese is moldy.

People began to build scale models of the pyramids to achieve their specific goals. And such structures have already demonstrated their effectiveness.

French scientists A. de Belizal and L. Samari suggested that the Great pyramid is a powerful transmitting station. Due to its design and the immense weight of the pyramid emits energy of incredible power. The top of the pyramid is a platform of 6×6 meters, it is formed due to false vibration prism, which produces powerful radiation and directs it to the base of the pyramid. Because, in the pyramid room of the Pharaoh, is not immune to the influence of this radiation, we can assume that in the pyramid there is not found a secret room at the foot of the structure where he was and directed the whole force of the radiation.

In 1969 L. Alvarez conducted a unique experiment. He found in the pyramid devices that fix the direction and level of space radiation. The result has surprised many experts — the geometry of the pyramid has broken installed inside the devices. Many attempts to study the energy pyramid is not made clear in this issue. On the contrary, there was even more questions and unsolved mysteries. Where there is mystery there and a lot of assumptions. For example, it is believed that inside the great pyramid there is another “Golden”, in which there is a heritage of another civilization, previously living on earth.

But apart from the great pyramid on earth found many other pyramids, including those that are under water and under ground. For example, in the Crimea opened more than a dozen underground pyramids. It is known that all one hundred and eight pyramids in Tibet were built by one civilization, and seventy-four pyramids in Egypt, built another civilization. Built in the ancient fifty-four pyramids on Easter island, subsequently went under water. While not studied enough Chinese pyramids, including the largest of them — the White Giant.

Interesting versions of scientists about the causes of the construction of the pyramids: they closed the planet to dangerous cracks in the Earth, they were space beacons, the pyramids were intended for the transfer of stored energy into space or, conversely, were the successors of pure cosmic energy, perhaps the pyramids were points of the receiving space of energoinformation. There are hundreds of hypotheses.

Interested in the pyramids and numerologic. After the necessary calculations experts believe that the numbers of the pyramids encrypted history of all humanity, past, and future.

For example, Professor Ernst Muldashev believes that all the known pyramids on earth, including Egyptian and Mexican, the complex Stonehenge (England), pyramids of Easter island, the Tibetan complex, built in different parts of the world under a single system. At this point many interesting “coincidences”. For example, if we draw an imaginary straight from the main pyramid of Tibet — mount Kailash on the opposite side of the Earth, that it rested precisely in Easter island, famous for its stone idols. But if to connect the mount Kailash with the Egyptian pyramids and continue on this axis, it will show …. back on Easter island. But when you combine Easter island to the pyramids of Mexico, the continuation of this line would lead clear to the mountain Kailas. Another interesting fact: the distance from the pyramids of Tibet to the pyramids of Egypt exactly corresponds to the distance from Easter island to the pyramids of Mexico. An imaginary line drawn from mount Kailash through the Stonehenge monument again will lead to the Easter island. The height of mount Kailash is its height is 6714 meters and the distance from Kailasa to Stonehenge and monument from Stonehenge to the Bermuda triangle and the Bermuda triangle to Easter island is at its height is 6714 kilometers! Interesting geometry turns out! It is imperative to note that Western “mirror” mount Kailash is aimed directly at the Egyptian pyramids, two Northern “mirrors” on the Mexican and the Egyptian Sphinx “looks” to Kailash.

In the Tibetan manuscripts say that before the global flood, the North pole of the earth was in the region of Tibet. Perhaps the Kailas mountain is that point the former poles of the Earth. It is possible that the system builders of the pyramids reflected the event of offset poles in the height of pyramids and the distance between them.

Considered another hypothesis of creation of the system of the earth’s pyramids — these buttons allow entry into the world of subtle energies. According to physicists, a thin fractal world (its height is 6714 meters and its height is 6714 kilometers are scale values for the fractal).

According to the logic on earth must exist a parallel system of pyramids and monuments on opposite sides of the planet. But these places, scientists have calculated, are now under water — so it is difficult to verify the correctness of calculations made.

But, you must admit that despite the numerous findings and challenging assumptions, humanity today and could not even come close to solving the Mystery of the Pyramids.

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