The technology of construction of underground stations
Construction of underground metro stations is one of the technically challenging and labour-intensive industries of modern construction with relatively high material and financial costs. The volume and scope of work…

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Gothic in medieval Western Europe
The origin of the term "Gothic" The word comes from Italian. "unusual, barbaric, the barbarians" (the historical Goths, this style has nothing to do), and was initially used as a…

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Inside the Siberian crater

Remember the giant funnel, which in July 2014 was spotted from the air in Yamal? Today we finally can see what is there inside — thanks to the stunning images in the newspaper Siberian Times. In November, the researchers first descended into the crater — or rather, on the frozen surface of the bottom of the mini-lake is a 10-meter depth.

Then you know how it was, and what other mysterious places in our country.

1. Siberian black holes

Funnel, which is the largest of the three seen on the Peninsula. They could be formed from an underground gas explosion, but so far this is working version, which must still confirm the sample. While some scientists claim that the appearance of craters there is nothing dangerous, while others say that the same process could cause anomalies in the Bermuda triangle.

The closed city in the Republic of Bashkortostan at the foot of the mountain of Yamantau. Since 1930 there has been one of the special settlements of the Gulag, but only after half a century, the world learned about the existence of such points on the map. Since then these areas have been named a nature reserve, but in the 1990’s in the mountains unfolded the secret construction, which has generated a lot of rumors and speculation.

Spoke, for example, that it will be an underground bunker for the first persons of the country, store state Reserve Bazas or nuclear warheads. That mysterious object is completed, press guessed just by the fact that some of migori time remained without work.

3. Kolyma tract

Today repaired the road between Magadan and Yakutska is considered one of the key in the far East, but in fact it is the world’s largest “mass grave” long 2000 km Road was built by prisoners which hundreds were killed in severe conditions (in winter the temperature here drops to minus 70). The dead were buried right there, right in the roadway. Still bone sometimes washes away by rains and floods, and the search for human remains “happiness” has become in these places a sort of macabre sport.

4. Lake Labynkyr

This lake is in the East of Yakutia — a total mystery. It is anomalous at the bottom of the crack, the depth of 25-30 meters, not heated above 9 degrees even in extreme heat and very slowly freezes, even in bitter cold. An island in the middle of the lake periodically disappears (science explains this by mirages).

And most importantly, at the depth of allegedly lives a giant monster, in 10 years utopische more than one hundred people. Deep-sea expedition “Labynkyr hell” is not found, but really found the bones of people and animals.

5. Manpupuner

One of the wonders of Russia — the so-called Pillars of weathering in the Komi Republic. Seven stone pillars height from 30 to 42 meters are far from populated areas on the Manpupuner plateau, which in the language of Mansi means “mountain of stone idols.” They have bizarre shapes — one resembles a giant inverted bottle, the other (from a certain angle) — a figure of human and animal heads.

Muncie worshipped these statues as deities, and natural scientists explain that it is natural remnants of high mountains, destroyed by rain, snow and temperature changes.

6. Molebskuyu triangle

The so-called zone of paranormal phenomena more than 1000 square meters on the border of Sverdlovsk oblast and Perm Krai. There, in particular, see UFOs, glowing orbs and audio hallucinations. Eyewitnesses also told about the change of the course of time and battery power, sudden fluctuations in temperature, headaches and sharp tumors of the feet.

All this, however, only attracted to the M-area crowds of tourists who hope to catch the shot of a UFO, or at least “vedminy ring”, as in this photo.

7. “Russian Atlantis”

In the Nizhniy Novgorod region the splashing of the cold and deep lake Svetloyar is the correct form, with unusually clear water and… strange history. It has been many hypotheses, which was even a partial confirmation, but it is still not clear what the origin of this monument of nature — ice, volcanic, meteor, or other.

With a lake connected with the legend of Kitezh is a wonderful city which in the eyes of the Mongolian invaders plunged into the water. Since then, I’ve heard amazing rumors that in calm weather one can hear from under the water the sound of bells and the singing of people and even see the outlines of Kitezh.

Ancient technology: the secrets
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