Mysterious places of Russia - the ancient cities of Siberia
It is considered that we are Russian nation is quite young.In fact, four thousand years ago Egyptian pyramids were built.Not even Jesus Christ was born,and the ancient Romans had already…

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Construction of underground metro stations is one of the technically challenging and labour-intensive industries of modern construction with relatively high material and financial costs. The volume and scope of work…

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A study of megalithic structures

Of great importance in the study of the history of our ancestors is a study of megalithic structures. A huge range of location: from the southern end and Oceanites


Of great importance in the study of the history of our ancestors is a study of megalithic structures. A huge range of location: from the southern tip of ocean and Islands of Asia to the westernmost point of Europe, the continental America. The most famous are the Indian ocean Islands, Easter island, the Caucasus, Stonehenge, Karnak, Baalbek, Malta, Neal and Machu Picchu. Pyramids and dolmens, menhirs and underground temples, avenues and dolmens, galleries and roads. Different cultures, different people, different era and different technology. Throughout this vast territory only the dolmens are common, having a similar appearance, because the consideration of the megaliths in this article is to describe the culture of the dolmens.

We turn first to the most truthful sources of information. Great Encyclopedic Dictionary: “a Dolmen (from Breton. tol – table and men – stone) megalithic. the structure in the form of a large stone box, covered with a flat plate. Common in primer. parts of Europe, Asia and North.Africa”.

“Dictionary of foreign words in the Russian language” edited by V. I. Lehina and F. N. Petrov (M. Unvis.1996) gives his version: “the Dolmens (eng. FR. dol-men) – burial structures of the bronze age and early iron age in videogames size stones, set on edge and covered with a stone slab; found in Europe, India and other countries; in the USSR, in Crimea and in the Caucasus.”

Guide “Dolmens of Gelendzhik Rona”: “Dolmens – a giant stone tombs scattered in the mountains of the Western Caucasus, inherited from the peoples who lived 5000 years ago. Built of monstrous severity of multi-ton blocks and slabs, these structures boggle the imagination and engineering ingenuity of the builders, a stunning volume of work, sophistication rough architecture and the lack of obvious reasons for us such a Grand building.”

In my library there is, so to speak, the work of the prominent Soviet specialist in the study of dolmens, defended his doctoral thesis on the same subject, V. I. Markovin. This man of science have gathered all the rumors in the Caucasus and decided to stay at the most unique, in his opinion, and wrote a work “Ispun – home of dwarfs”. By applying ingenuity in the propagation of the biblical concept of the world of management, Moscow Professor is very detailed the story of how the dwarfs (Descendants of Charles. Approx.E.G.) he decided to build himself a house and made silly giants (tall people) deprived of their ancestral memory, to perform this work. The material for construction forced them to import from overseas (seen from historic homeland) on the rafts, and what did these guys all my life for several centuries. This sensational material continues to produce a considerable number of local tour guides escorting unsuspecting tourists to the sacred places. Thesis-libel became the basis of the scientific school for the study of ancestral heritage.

Much further in their research went Kuban scientist V. Rybnikov, combining in his works the Hindu view of the origin and life: “Praxeological function of this religious doctrine, and founded on its basis of the megalithic culture of the Caucasus cannot be understood without any familiarity with the practical activities of the contemporary Avatar Sathya SAI Baba and his Vedic Ashe(RA)mA in India”. The author, referring to already known to Dr. V. I. Markovin, repeats already known the story about the cult of burial and talks about how to lay the bones of the dead. By the way, V. I. markovin denies this version, saying that of the 1,800 people surveyed dolmens only two had the remains of people trapped here by accident.

A few years ago on the river Zhane, the famous dolmen group and a huge mound cemetery, met a group of Buddhist monks. During the conversation it became clear that they arrive here annually in the month of August to honor the memory of their (?) ancestors and visit the sacred places that in ancient times their ancestors lived. I don’t have the patience to listen, and I interrupted the interpreter with a question: “what kind Of ancestors are we talking about? Here are the monuments of the old Aryan culture – religious buildings”. He, surprisingly, very readily agreed with me: “the Concept of culture is directly related to the concepts of spirituality, our spiritual ancestors to the cult of your ancestors. Since that time much water has flowed under the bridge, we continue to maintain the Tradition and your ancestors accepted the faith in another God and continue to praise”.

During the conversation we found out a lot of useful information. Buddhism originated more than two and a half millennia ago, when Prince Gautama began to conduct his sermons. Their activities earned the nickname of Buddha, which means “enlightened one” or “greeting the dawn”. He built himself in the woods little house (well, like this one, is pointed at the dolmen) out of the collected stones and covered its roof. Here the narrator reiterated “our” dolmen. Then it turned out that such houses were built long before Gautama Shakyamuni, called Buda or Pobedoy. In the tradition of Buddhism in Thailand is known 3000 Buddhas, one of the temples called Temple of a Thousand Buddhas. By the way, is correctly pronounced “Buddha” and means “the awakened spirit”. People live with an awakened consciousness here in these houses, which are called by name: “Buddha so-and-so. “. Come to them mana to do is Karna.

Suddenly, in the minds of a cut: the shape of the house resembles the doghouse (Yes, forgive me ancestors!), we are often called “box”, small structures has always been known as we also (of policeman, sentry, frontier), in the Ukrainian language “Budynok” – house. Then I understood the meaning of both words, which are indicated by these structures: the doghouse – a place where lives Pobuda (Buddha), and people (mana) come to them to know their share (in the English pronunciation “long man”).

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